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Insider security has become the Achilles’ heel of most corporate security strategies. Many rely primarily on access management, network data (SIEM) or locking down documents (DLP). The volume of breaches shows that this is simply an incomplete security strategy when protecting a corporation’s critical data. The impact of losing patient data, private customer data (PII) or Intellectual Property (IP) can be devastating for a corporation.

Develop a strategy for Data Security Policy Orchstration Across Multiple Security Products

Data security policy orchestration is the process of looking across multiple data silos and defining a combined methodology across controls to handle a specific pieces of content.

Policy orchestration across multiple vendor products is certainly not a new concept for information security. Orchestration is commonly used in network security to correlate access control lists and firewall rulesets across different types or manufacturers of network firewalls.This example of firewall policy orchestration can be applied to data security. 


Leverage Data Classification to Ensure Data Protection Mechanisms Are applied to the Data That Most Needs it

Data classification has grown increasingly popular as one part of a broader data security governance (DSG) framework. Data classification schemes help establish data definitions and set tags or metada values for semistructured data (such as form data) and unstructured, user-created content. Having a basic knowledge of the content types mot widely associated with sensitive data is critical to DSG, and knowing where that content resides and how users access the data is critical to layering in data protection capabilities.


Security monitoring

From hackers and malware, to disgruntled or careless employees, to outdated or otherwise vulnerable devices and operating systems, to mobile and public cloud computing, to third-party service providers, most companies are routinely exposed to security threats of varying severity in the normal course of conducting business. Given the ubiquitous, unavoidable nature of security risks, quick response time is essential to maintaining system security. And automated, continuous security monitoring is the key to quick threat detection and response.


Vulnerability Management Plan

If you drop all the pieces of a large puzzle on a table and look at them individually, it’s almost impossible to see the full picture. You can start by picking up pieces and trying to fit them together, but it’s not until you’re organizing the pieces and prioritizing where to begin that you understand what is being created. Slowly but surely each piece connects to another and the image becomes clear.

(PoC) of security solutions

We understand that before you make the important decision of investing in our governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solution you may need to prove it and validate our claims. In the field of information security, PoC involves modeling the operation of software or an exploit with a view to determining the optimal ways to protect — or the potential to compromise — a computer system.


Infrastructure hardening

Hardening is about securing the infrastructure against attacks, by reducing its attack surface and thus eliminating as many risks as possible. One of the main measures in hardening is removing all non-essential software programs and utilities from the deployed components. While these components may offer useful features to the administrator, if they provide ‘back-door’ access to the system, they must be removed during the hardening process.

A digital war!

Like it or not, cyberattacks do exist. Pretending the contrary is magical thinking, because, despite all hopes, this does not happen only to others … It makes all digital platforms and media’s headlines regularly.

What you are aware of might just be the tip of the iceberg. Of course, we do not boast of having been hacked, only because it could endanger our reputation or the loss of trust with our customers and partners, not to mention the likely financial consequences.


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