Today, all areas of business must use digital technology. Road transportation is not immune to this development. The use of road transport contributes to the overall performance and development of a company’s supply chain.


Carriers must solve the problems of several issues such as cost, quality, time, security and trackability. To compete fiercely, carriers need to improve customer service and productivity. All handling of services and deliveries is carried out with technology.

Thanks to digitization, the constraints related to road transportation are easily regulated by using a powerful technological tool. Technology is also present in all transport vehicles. This is called embedded computing. In fact, it is a computer system integrated into the vehicle that optimizes its movement and detects all the defective elements.


Satisfaction of your customers

Several problems are possible with regard to the road transportation of goods: the risk of having a breakdown, the problem of weight when it comes to loading, the geolocalisation, etc.

In recent years, the computerization of vehicles has become an essential element for the road transportation industry. The increase in customer requirements and in the tracking of their orders are important factors for the implementation of embedded computing.

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