When an business is operated by an audacious globe-trotter who is also a technological visionary — a technophage! you have to understand that this will and never will be a company like any others

 The new technologies have influence

Michel Théroux wandered around the earth for a long time, in search of newness, meeting men and women that shares his passion and vision. Nourished by all these experiences, he gave himself the goal to bustle tirelessly, day after day, to the conception, the creation of products, of services always more pioneering than the last for a clientele that benefits from cutting edge solutions.

In Michel Théroux’s optic, the future of TI has no boundaries. This mentality gave birth to ZONETI‘s motto : Tomorrow without Boundaries, the bedrock of the functioning of the entreprise and its culture.

Humanitarian values.

The values that are important to ZONETI are as simple as they are constant and are perfectly embodied in the daily interrelationships of colleagues, clients, and partners. They are: respect, self-improvement, positivity, autonomy, and honesty. They form an inseparable whole. Our policies based on these values have created and maintained a healthy and rewarding workplace where lifelong learning is encouraged, resulting in the provision of personalized high-end service.

ZONETI, an environment… where the well-being of the employee is paramount, and our know-how leads to a perfect balance of family and professional life, where leisure and work coexist harmoniously.

Corporate social responsibility

ZONETI’s management believes in improving the lives of all people and seeks to promote both human and corporate social responsibility by applying the principles of:

  • placing the human being at the heart of the balanced functioning of the company,
  • encouraging its employees to practice generosity and openness towards others,
  • putting tools in place and engaging in actions aimed at raising society’s awareness of the fact that life is enriched by human diversity,
  • promoting equal opportunities for career development,
  • working to improve the quality of life and development of people from all social classes and all walks of life,
  • respecting the environment,
  • recognizing and emphasizing excellence in the workplace,
  • believing that the company’s successes are directly linked to the personal and professional development of its employees,
  • practicing active listening.


An healthy environnement

ZONETI, an environment… where the know-how represents an invaluable value entered on the well-being of the employee perfect balance of reconciliation family life-professional life where pleasure and work coexist harmoniously

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