HYPERRACK is a personalized and highly secure physical and software platform that integrates with data processing centers. 


In response to this demanding environment, ZONETI has devised a solution – the result of a combination of technologies – to meet the expectations and needs of the market. 

Fully customizable, ZONETI’s state-of-the-art storage and compute solution, delivers performance, compliance, security and savings that can reduce the total cost of ownership from 20% to 40%. 

The components are customized and optimized according to each customer’s requirements to reduce the amount of computer equipment required (or already in place), increase storage capacity, and reduce overall IT operating costs.

HYPERRACK Integrated Systems Solutions Data Center infrastructure

HYPERRACK is a thighly coupled compute, network and storage hardware that dispenses with the need for a regular storage area network (SAN). Storage managemnt functions, plus bunch of others capabilities like recovery, replication, deduplication and compression, are delivered via the management layer, together with compute provisioning.


Data Explosion

Our answer to the explosion of data is the implementation of an infrastructure that allows you to reduce your global footprint by 12:1, through compression, deduplication in local mode, hybrid, cloud and multi-cloud. Our platform is able to handle petabytes of data in a super secure way.




Data security

Our solution offers military-grade security levels, using a private blockchain, data encryption and traceability, according to the company’s third-party storage. We use geographic dispersion to ensure the security and availability of the data at all times.


Digital Revolution

With instant access to all your third-party data, you now have the opportunity to revive the most important asset in your business:

Your data !

ZONETI provides technological solutions, innovative, high-performance and scalable technology products in data management, infrastructure maintenance and digital security to anticipate obstacles and solve your business challenges, all supported by a diversified range of services.