Data management, the foundation of your digital infrastructure.

All the information of all past and present projects has an immeasurable value. Therein lies all the expertise of the firm, from the project files to the resumes. In addition to this fundamental aspect, there is the information related to the management of the firm itself.

Construction of a new building

The construction of a new building brings together professionals from several fields of expertise.

To put it briefly, first, the architects and engineers work very closely together at each stage of the preparation of the various documents (drafts, plans, specifications and preliminary and detailed slips, along with the approvals required at the respective stages). Then, once the plans and specifications for construction are signed and sealed, the call for construction tenders is issued and a contractor is chosen.

The production of these documents, as well as those of the management of the project itself, generates a large amount of data that must be able to be easily exchanged in a secure environment – this is a fundamental characteristic to ensure the quality of the collaborative work between the professionals assigned to a project.

Is it time to upgrade?

Preserving this intangible and irreplaceable capital requires that the data be stored in an effective, secure and up-to-date technological infrastructure.

If your infrastructure shows signs of fatigue such as hardware or software failures, an increase in the number of calls to the IT department, or incompatibilities that increase your operating or maintenance costs from year to year, it may be time to bring your infrastructure up to standard.

HYPERRACK is not a generic-purpose product!

HYPERRACK is designed to address your specific needs. Plus, with its scalable, low-cost capacity towards traditional solutions, you are guaranteed that you won’t have to start fresh when your company expands its business.

ZONETI provides a 21st century storage solution, HYPERRACK, where performance, compliance, security and savings are at your fingertips. HYPERRACK is the result of a combination of technologies that can reduce the total cost of ownership from 40% to 70%.

ZONETI provides technological solutionsinnovative, high-performance and scalable technology products in data management, infrastructure maintenance and digital security to anticipate obstacles and solve your business challenges, all supported by a diversified range of services.