A digital approach to improve urban transport

Enabling a thriving economic and social life.

We live in a world where a large part of the population travels in cities, therefore the organization and management of mobility are essential for such things as: enabling a thriving economic and social life, and limiting pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

In our cities and suburbs, we use several modes of transportation to travel between two points. We try to dissuade motorists from entering the city center by offering alternative options. From our home to our workplace, we sometimes use the car or the bus to get to the train or the metro.

To facilitate the transition from one mode of transport to another.

To facilitate the transition from one mode of transport to another, digital technology has enabled the development of applications that offer complete itineraries, as well as passes, which make it possible to pay several different carriers with the same card or mobile application.

Several cities in the industrialized world have developed access to bike rentals such as Bixi.

Digital technology enables the advancement of features in our vehicles.

The connected digital car is already on the road: the vast majority of new vehicles is now equipped with a SIM card that transmits in realtime all the information pertaining to the maintenance and the driving of the vehicle, even offering warning and support services.

The vehicle becomes a huge smartphone.

“A car contains about 100 million lines of code, much more than a PC,” says the futurist Joel de Rosnay. “The vehicle becomes a huge smartphone – a platform – filled with apps and updates.” . 

And in fact, every connected vehicle will need to be updated regularly, as Tesla already states – a procedure that will bring about a drastic revision of the concept of “used car”, but that will also be essential to effectively fight against inevitable piracy!

The connected car also shakes up other players in the automotive world: insurers, renters, fleet managers – everyone wants to recover more and more data on the actual use of the vehicle to optimize maintenance, driving, use, and even to interact live with the driver.

The battle of data is here and it must be taken into careful consideration.

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