Think Big…Data!

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Think Big…Data!

In this era when everything goes at high-speed, everything is big! Everyone is – or wants to become – big. Companies are no exception, and the mega-mergers of giants in the pharmaceutical and agri-food industries are particularly good examples of this. What reason would they have had for merging when they were already in a quasi-monopoly situation? To sell more? That’s one possible (and even probable) reason, but an even more likely motive is to get access to data.

Did you say Big?

A typical day in the Big Data era

We are working so hard to become big that IBM estimates that 90% of all available global digital data has been created in the last two years alone. In fact, the totality of all individuals and organizations has “produced more data in two days than what was produced between the beginning of humankind and 2003.”

Every day, “2.5 trillion bytes of data” are created. This massive number is difficult to grasp. To illustrate it better, this equates to 610 million four-minute music files, or 407 million selfies of 6 MB each, or 3.5 million two-hour-long movies in mp4 format! However, in daily life, this data is not so easily identifiable. This is one of the big challenges that companies are facing in this era of big data!

Producing is good, creating value is better!

Producing is good, creating value is better!

Data is intangible: it comes and goes around us, from us, towards us. Often floating freely, it does not allow itself to be easily seduced. Acquiring, storing, sharing, analyzing and processing data must constitute the main daily activity of businesses. Structuring data helps to create value, but it is not a simple task.

According to the Gartner Group, companies have always struggled to structure acquired data in a way that will generate value, a problem common to 80% of them. Due to the limitations of traditional IT infrastructures, these data end up in tables, occupying storage space that could be put to better use. But the current competitive climate no longer allows the data to be left in its state of acquisition.

The global and Canadian big data market at a glance

The global and Canadian big data market at a glance

The exponential growth of available data goes hand in hand with the increase of its commercial value. In its study Big Data Profile in Quebec, MONTRÉAL INTERNATIONAL revealed that the average annual revenue growth rate (AARGR) of the global market has been around 25% since 2013, and the total growth rate is scheduled to reach just over 40% in 2020.

Grand View Research estimates the commercial value of data will be worth $123 billion in USD in 2025. The authors of this study also reveal that 75% of Canadian decision-makers seem ready to deal with this growth by investing in advanced technologies to adapt their businesses to this new paradigm.

The main producers of data and big data

You don’t have to be an expert to identify them. They are active in the industries of insurance, online entertainment, pharmaceuticals and laboratories, automotive, manufacturing, engineering consulting, architecture and construction, and public services or public service providers. [hyperlink for each of them]

As an organization, you have been managing and generating data and big data for a long time. Given the exponential growth of big data, is your information infrastructure still capable of providing you with the strategic information you need at the critical moment to distinguish yourself from the competition?

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