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ZONETI offers a wide range of services in all areas of IT management, technical services, consulting services and IT products necessary for the management, setup and maintenance of your computer equipment.

Your trusted partner

Time is of the essence. The resources of your IT department are so busy meeting internal requests for help that there is not enough time to keep up with emerging technologies, and therefore to develop projects to integrate these new technologies into the existing ones. And you, as a manager, are pressured from all sides to maintain the course of the company. The time shortage is just one reason to think about outsourcing.

Other reasons include the increasing difficulty of managing and generating large amounts of data to keep and analyze internally because they multiply rapidly in this era of big data; the high and rising storage costs; the continued use of obsolete management tools; and the costly hiring of specialized IT staff. These are all issues that ZONETI‘s outsourcing service can assist you with.

Recognized expertise and flexible service

With the 50 or so companies it serves in outsourcing, ZONETI is the trusted resource for ensuring the sound management of your data and making your business evolve safely in this digital age.

Whatever your needs, ZONETI professionals will advise you in the type of outsourcing that you want, global or partial, as well as in the nature of the services that accompany any of these options.

Outsourcing from ZONETI to reduce costs and optimize your time for the activities for which you are the expert!

ZONETI Services


Technical Support

  • High availability
  • Technical support 24/7
  • Fast recovery systems
  • We can manage your private cloud


Diagnosis of the existing computer park, elimination of what causes problems, formulation of technical requirements, creation of personalized master plan



Expertise and know-how to offer you network solutions adapted to your business needs.



Cost-effective and flexible storage with endless, cloud-like scalability including multinoeud redundancy.



Hyper-secure hosting of your servers, storage devices and other devices in one of our many data centers across North America and Europe.



Our experts monitor your IT systems. Our state-of-the-art tools allow you to maintain optimal performance of your infrastructures at all times.



We offer a wide range of services and licenses for your software so that you can take advantage of all the options available on the market, where you want it and when you want it.



No matter what IT environment you work in, we have flexible hardware solutions. We determine your needs and then offer you products designed to meet the demands of your business.



Whether it’s a refresh of your infrastructure or a completely new architecture, you will benefit from a turnkey offer.



Our wide range of IT products includes: state-of-the-art servers, data storage and backup (on disk or tape), network components, desktops, workstations, tablets and printing devices.



We offer a tailor-made design service for a high performance and secure computing environment.



Intelligent automated backup highly secure and secure

ZONETI provides technological solutions, innovative, high-performance and scalable technology products in data management, infrastructure maintenance and digital security to anticipate obstacles and solve your business challenges, all supported by a diversified range of services.