You need to secure your activities and anticipate risks to control them

ZONETI offers solutions for colocation (shared facilities) and Data centers that meet the evolving technology needs and requirements of large businesses.

Study and design of Data Centers and Computer Rooms


Feasibility Studies


Technical Specifications


Preliminary and Detailes Design


Support Implementation and Management

 Study and Design of your Data Centres and Computer Rooms 

ZONETI can support you in the Study and Design of your Data Centres and Computer Rooms 

During the earliest phase in the definition of your project or by support in construction and project management, we can enable you to benefit from our experience and our Research & Development work to offer you the best solutions in terms of reliability, scalability and energy performance.

Assistance for Project Management


Support for Site research and Potential analysis


Validation of Selected Sites: risk study, connectivity, energy supply, capacity for physical extension and electrical power


Expression of Needs and Feasibility Studies


Support and Assistance at all stages of the life of your projects, from design to commissioning: we put our project management skills at your service to ensure the achievement of your objectives.

We Know How to Support you in Carrying out your Hosting Projects

New, Extension or Upgrade: all these cases require technical expertise and know-how that we put at your service. We act according to different schemes according to your needs.

We Know How to Support you in carrying out your hosting projects


Study and choice of a resilience model according to the criticality of the applications


Help in the choice between an own hosting and an outsourced hosting


Comparative economic study

ZONETI Supports its Customers in their Hosting Strategy

Whether you are hosted in your own facilities or outside, or want to think about changing, we are here to assist you. Depending on your growth forecasts or evolutions you may have to review your strategy while taking into account the different models of resilience, market offers and your investment policy.

Study and Design of Datacenters and Computer Rooms


We provide a rigorous and uncompromising analysis of the basics of the specifications to be validated.

We know how to translate business needs into the performance requirements of technical infrastructures. Misaligned investments inevitably lead you to be at risk of continuity of services, or to bear costs and financial costs that are useless.

That’s why we are very attentive and creative to bring power modularity solutions, including up to the very high density, and redundancy..

We also bring in our designs all the strengths that our R & D work can give to every project we study for a client. Each customer has its particularity and its specific needs: it must therefore receive its solution and in no case a copy and paste of another project as we see too often.

Energetic efficiency


Reduce your operational costs


Reduce IT Capacity Increase your operating costs


Reducing your Carbon impact


Mastery of your capability plan

Energetic performance

The reduction of energy consumption has become an issue and a major objective of organizations.

We assist you to respond without questioning your continuity of services.

Among the expected gains from controlling your energy efficiency.

Audit of Continuity of Services and Operational Risks


External Risks

Before investing, make sure the site is suitable for a datacenter. We carry out for you analyzes of natural, environmental, social and regulatory risks. If your data center is existing we alert you to the need for this type of risk and see what remedies are possible.


Operational risks

We analyze design, food, distribution and research if there are SPOF: Single Point of Failure, and propose solutions to fix it.


Risks related to the organization

In particular, we focus on all risks related to humans in all its aspects. Our method allows you to benefit from a synthetic vision of your level of exposure to risks.

We bring you our advice and recommendations with actions in the short, medium and long term. The tool that we put at your disposal allows you to follow the evolution of your level according to the actions taken.


Risks of safety

The security of your sites requires different levels of access control, video surveillance, intrusion protection from the public domain to the inside of your building, depending on your requirements and your commitments.

We carry out useful diagnostics and recommendations in this area, taking into account your operating methods that are directly related to the effectiveness of the solutions.


Security risks

The safety of your installations depends on the systems of detection, control and extinction: fire detection and extinguishing, alarm reports and intervention process, heat load … We make sure of the coherence of the means and procedures implemented and the state of the systems.

ZONETI provides technological solutionsinnovative, high-performance and scalable technology products in data management, infrastructure maintenance and digital security to anticipate obstacles and solve your business challenges, all supported by a diversified range of services.