IT is an investment! This claims that ZONETI holds true is the spearhead of our sales pitch. You cannot get involved in setting up a project if you are not convinced of it. The amortization will be the expense.

The IT Director Plan proposed by ZONETI consists firstly of conducting an analysis of the current situation and then identifying with the clients the future needs and impacts on the existing technology infrastructure.

Assessment – Situation Analysis

Before investing in the development of new technological architectures and infrastructures, it is important to question the effectiveness of the current financial model favored by the IT managers of your company.

At this stage, we conduct a comparative analysis of the various IT management models, be they: the traditional management model (on-site), partial or total outsourcing, the colocation management, the transition to cloud solutions, or a combination of these different approaches.


The IT Director Plan  (ITPD)  proposed by ZONETI consists first of all in carrying out an analysis of the current situation then, in identifying with the customers the future needs and the impacts on the technological infrastructures in place. The real IT economy is smart planning

Realization step for IT Director Plan

The implementation of the plan unfolds in four blocks:

ZONETI‘s technological solutions include different types of scalable network infrastructures. These infrastructures enable a high level of automation, simplify day-to-day management, reduce operating and maintenance costs and go far beyond traditional hyperconvergence.