An expense that saves and manages more than efficiently

The Internet of Things is more than just a brand of connectivity and mobility, transforming the business and activities of everyday life.

Thanks to the Internet of Things, objects become “smart” assets and integrate seamlessly into a global network. The IOT is able to produce and exchange useful data without human intervention, and to increase the management efficiency of an entire city.

Smart Cities

Increasingly present in municipal action plans, IOT technology offers many benefits and allows for optimal management of municipal operations.

ZONETI offers its technological expertise in the urban space and municipalities for the use of new features that allow: to manage, govern, live differently and put the citizen at the heart of these changes.

How is the IOT used?

The Internet of Things allows multiple assets to work smoothly and creates “ambient intelligence”. With this ambient intelligence, our world is becoming smarter and more interconnected, resulting in significant economic, social and business benefits.

While the Internet of Things represents the visible aspect of smart and connected assets, intermachine communications is the underlying technology behind the Internet of Things. 

The Internet of Things is driving several innovations, including smart meters, automotive telematics, remote medical monitoring and mobile team management.

Manage, govern, live differently and put the citizen at the heart of these changes.

This new management stands out by exploiting the potential of new information and communication technologies.

The goal is to improve the daily lives of citizens and city managers through decision support systems that, in particular, allow the dissemination of information related to congestion, parking spaces, snow removal operations, radar operations, lamp lighting management, and more.

This has many benefits such as increased operational efficiency, access to new business models, the ability to generate new sources of revenue or better risk management and standards.

The IOT affects all sectors of activity. Today, it is no longer a trend, it is a necessity. Whether it’s about optimizing operational costs, managing maintenance or reducing energy consumption, the IOT offers an unprecedented technological contribution!

ZONETI provides technological solutions, innovative, high-performance and scalable technology products in data management, infrastructure maintenance and digital security to anticipate obstacles and solve your business challenges, all supported by a diversified range of services.