Why so many cybersecurity solutions still fail ?

Year after year, we face the same questions and the same problems. So why do so many cybersecurity solutions fail ? Maybe there is a technological gap between those who pretend to be the industry leaders, but their technology usually follows the market. However, only those who master disruptive technologies can call themselves true pioneers. 

We move first. Our competitors are not other solution providers: we target the hackers who do not follow rules or market tendencies. All we need to do is to develop disruptive solutions before they do.

6 Cybersecurity Trends For Business To Consider In 2021

  •  Data Protection
  • Multifactor Authentification (MFA)
  • Expert Cybersecurity Help And Guidance
  • Internet Of Things (IOT) Cybersecurity
  • Endpoint Detection And Response (EDR)
  • Long-Haul Remote Work Plans

The 5 biggest Cybersecurity Trends In The First 20-21

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) will play an increasing role in both cyber-attack and defense.
  • Political and economic divisions between east and west lead to increased security threats.
  • Political interference increasingly common and sophisticated.
  • The cybersecurity skills gap continues to grow.
  • Vehicle hacking and data theft increases.