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New, Extension or Upgrade: all these cases require technical expertise and know-how that we put at your service. We act according to different schemes according to your needs.

During the earliest phase in the definition of your project or by support in construction and project management, we can enable you to benefit from our experience and our Research & Development work to offer you the best solutions in terms of reliability, scalability and energy performance.

Validation of Selected Sites: risk study, connectivity, energy supply, capacity for physical extension and electrical power
Support for Site research and Potential analysis
Support and Assistance at all stages of the life of your projects, from design to commissioning
Expression of Needs and Feasibility Studies
We provide Assistance for Project Management
Mastery of your capability plan
We put our project management skills at your service to ensure the achievement of your objectives.

Study and design of Data Centers and Computer Rooms

We accompany you

Support you in carrying out your hosting projects

See how we can help you

Audit of Continuity of Services and Operational Risks

Do things differently

ZONETI provides technological solutions, innovative, high-performance and scalable technology products in data management, infrastructure maintenance and digital security to anticipate obstacles and solve your business challenges, all supported by a diversified range of services.