Integrates Data 4x Faster Than Traditional Approaches

Our database solution integrates, stores, manages, and searches ALL of your data. No more data silos.

Modern database technology makes it the database platform of choice for global leaders looking to integrate data from silos, run mission-critical data applications, and accelerate IT agility. From executive management to developers and engineers, we brings together expertise and a genuine (almost obsessive) passion for helping customers solve their most complex data challenges.


The Most Secure NoSQL Database


Protecting your most critical data is our specialty. World-class enterprises and government agencies around the world trust our Database solution to integrate their mission-critical data with industry-leading, unparalleled security as verified by Common Criteria Certification.


A Single Database for All Your Data


  1. Advanced encryption
  2. Fine-grained, role-based security
  3. Data anonymization and redaction

360° view 

Data Hub

Data Hub gives you a perfect 360° view of your data faster than ever on the most secure, agile platform. Our database integrates, stores, manages, and searches ALL of your data. No more data silos.

Easy to Get Data In

Easy to Get Data Out

Easy to Get Data In

We uses a flexible, multi-model approach that easily handles data from any source. Whether it’s data from an existing relational database, mainframe, Hadoop, file systems, or any other source. We has you covered. The most secure NoSQL database.

We  indexes all data on load including JSON, XML, text, and more so you can ask questions in real-time and get lightning fast results. And, there’s no need to bolt on a search engine because our database includes built-in search.

Our database is 100% ACID compliant, offers enterprise-grade security (Common Criteria Certified), is horizontally scalable, provides automatic failover, replication, and backup/recovery.

ZONETI provides technological solutions and innovative, high-performance and scalable technology products in data management, infrastructure maintenance and digital security to anticipate obstacles and solve your business challenges, all supported by a diversified range of services.