Document management system

The promise of ECM, delivered. Manage all of your traditional and rich content in their place while putting it to work with the industry’s most advanced metadata tools. ECM is all about integration.

There’s no need to tear everything down and start over. Instead, our intelligent data model allows our Document Management system to neatly and seamlessly integrate with the most common content silos, legacy ECM systems, popular business and productivity apps, cloud storage, and enterprise file sharing services.

That means you can quickly—and more effectively put all of your content to work. 


Data is Key

Data transforms everyday digital content into valuable information assets.

Therefore, we engineered the industry’s most advanced data model into our platform. We set out to build the industry’s most modern, flexible content services platform. And we continue to innovate to ensure that it always will be.


People Come First

Change is a Process

To succeed, your technology must keep up. You should never go legacy again. We are not a maintenance business. We have to earn our customers’ repeat business, each and every day.


From ECM to Content Services

Architecture Matters

The industry’s most modern, extensible content services Platform built entirely on open standards. If you get it wrong, you can’t change it later

ZONETI provides technological solutions and innovative, high-performance and scalable technology products in data management, infrastructure maintenance and digital security to anticipate obstacles and solve your business challenges, all supported by a diversified range of services.