Artificial Intelligence & Immersive Technologies products and solutions

We analyse your needs and find the best solution on large scale industrialisation with licensing.

Virtual & Augmented Reality visualisation solutions for training, simulation and maintenance. Real-time video analysis smart solutions for security, retail and industries.


Acces control. PPE detection. Zoning. Vehicle tracking. Counting & Classification. 1

Supply Chain Control

Manufacture. Tailor-made car assembling line solution to make the vehicle assembling more reliable and to optimise parts assembly. Enhanced results with less production downtime and a significant gain of time and productivity.

Fleet management

Automotive. Parking optimisation solution to identify, track, geolocate and categorise vehicles. The goal is to optimise parking surfaces vehicles flow as well as to gain time in terms of fleet management.

Quality control

Environment. Object detection solution for better waste management, safety and control.


Access control. PPE detection. Track & zone crossing. Unattented object detection. Zoning. Crowd management.

Places safety

Transportation. Detection of unauthorized people crossing tracks with real-time alerts to avoid delayed trains, physical accidents and vandalism.

People Safety

Building & on-site security. Full security solution that includes real-time access control, detection of people entering forbidden zones, as well as dangerous objects and people detection and tracking. Guarantees safety all over the place and decreases human risks.

Employees safety

Field service & on-site management. Solution made for a construction player to detect people working at heights and their movements, along with PPE detection and alerts when someone is entering a hazardous zone. Guarantees safety for workers and less risks taken at work.


Flow management. People counting. Product counting. Autonomous check-out. Staff access control.


Smart lunch. Meals, drinks and products identification and recognition solution to build an autonomous meal payment for enterprises cafeterias.

Store analytics

Point-of-sale. On-the-shelf heatmap flow management solution to identify, in real-time, hot and cold areas inside the store, to quickly redistribute staff positions and efforts.

Autonomous check-out

Frictionless store. Autonomous check- out solution using products and people counting and identification along with tracking, to create a seamless in-store experience and to let staff focus on helping customers.

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