The implementation of the ISP unfolds in four blocks:

IT Director plan services


Block 1 – Vision, Orientation and Awarenesss

  • ICT orientation questionnaire
  • Discussion on IT management modes
  • Discussion on ICT budgets (0-3 years)
  • Business Software Questionnaire

Block 2 – Infrastructure Audit

  • Detailed inventory - hardware and software
  • Analysis of existing documentation
  • Infrastructure / architecture maturity analysis
  • Infrastructure documentation
  • Inventories, licenses and software
  • Management questionnaire

Block 3 – Technical Strategy

  • Assessment of the current IT support situation
  • Needs assessment
  • User Survey
  • Process evaluation in place

Bloc 4 – Computer Security

  • Level II Security Questionnaire
  • Analysis of existing documentation
  • User Survey (Security Segment)
  • Physical security analysis

ZONETI‘s technological solutions include different types of scalable network infrastructures. These infrastructures enable a high level of automation, simplify day-to-day management, reduce operating and maintenance costs and go far beyond traditional hyperconvergence.